HMRC Tax Return Forms and Trend Line Chart updates

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    On the weekend of the 18th of May 2013, the following timetotrade website upgrades will be carried out.

    • The 2012/13 Capital Gains Tax HMRC SA108 Tax Return form, for year ending 5th April 2013, will be available for the preparation of UK Tax Returns
    • The 2012/13 Investment Club HMRC 185 Cert (formerly referred to as Form 185 New) will be available for the preparation of UK Tax Returns. Note that Investment Clubs must submit the 185 Cert by the 6th of June 2013.
    • The position of trend lines used in alerts, can be repositioned after they are added to an alert
    • The colour of the trend lines associated with an alert will be persisted when the alert is click upon in the future
    • After clicking on an alert, the display of the related trend lines on the chart will pulse to indicate which trend lines are associated with the alert
    • When repositioning a trend line while editing an alert, the related trend line alert trigger will pulse to indicate that it has been repositioned
    • Clicking on an alert trigger while editing an alert, will pulse the related trend line on the chart
    A short video of the trend line updates in action:


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