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Discussion in 'Timetotrade News' started by Customer Care, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Customer Care John @ timetotrade

    You may by have read about the 'Heartbleed' security vulnerability, effecting the encryption that is used by the majority of websites, including timetotrade.

    On the evening of Monday the 7th of April the Heartbleed vulnerability was announced. On Tuesday the 8th the security fix was applied to timetotrade servers. If you signed into timetotrade on Monday or Tuesday, it is possible that a hacker may have gained access to you password. There is a low probability that hackers knew of this bug prior to the security vulnerability being announced.

    Over the recent days we have been analysing server logs, client access and trade history for some evidence of irregular activity on client accounts. There is no evidence to suggest client passwords have been hacked, however we strongly encourage you to sign into timetotrade and change your password now. To do so, sign into your timetotrade account and go to your user security settings, or alternatively click on the following link after you sign in: https://timetotrade.eu/user/security/

    Lastly in a previous email we encouraged users to implement 2 Step Verification to protect against hackers stealing client passwords. If you have set up 2 Step Verification, even if a hacker has stolen your timetotrade password, they would not be able to sign into your timetotrade account.

    To set up 2 Step Verification please go to your security settings, where you reset your password, and follow the on screen instructions. Please also see the related forum post on this topic: Installing 2 Step Verification

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