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    We are delighted to inform you that the new advanced version of the timetotrade charts is now available. This is the result of almost two years' work and a substantial rewrite of the underlying code.

    Major improvements to the charts have been made in four key areas, namely:

    - Updated user interface with interactive tutorials
    - Extended library of technical indicators
    - Greatly enhanced alerting functionality
    - Major improvements to the backtest tools

    New Charts, Alerts & Backtest Tools

    There are now 119 base technical indicators and these indicators can be used to create custom indicators. For example, it is possible to quickly and easily create a technical indicator that is a Moving Average of the True Strength Index (TSI), via the point and click interface. Indicators can be built with functions such as add, multiply or highest high price over a period of time and applied to price data or other technical indicators. Chart settings and custom indicators can be shared with friends.

    The alert tools include new trigger types and all alert triggers can be applied to any indicator or price. Trendline alerts can be created on secondary charts. Alerts can be checked at candle close or on each tick during the interval. In addition, alerts can be grouped in varying sequences and after they are created, they can be displayed on the chart.

    Backtest now provides a quick performance summary with a tearaway chart for detailed strategy analysis. All backtest trade events are displayed graphically, including highest highs and lowest lows whilst the trade was open, to help visualise optimum stop and limit values. Each backtest alert or trade event is displayed on an interactive chart to help refine entry and exit trading strategies. Backtests can now be shared with friends.

    To help familiarise you with the new user interface and extended charts features, a series of interactive tutorials are available. The tutorials are accessed by clicking the blue question-marks located to the top right hand side of the various Chart Tools' widgets and will quickly guide you step by step on how to use the key chart features.

    Some of the key features of this upgrade, include:

    Charts and Indicators:
    • 119 pre-programmed technical indicators
    • Create and customise your own indicators, infinite combinations possible - combine indicators to create new indicators (eg moving average of an RSI based on the highest price) and write your own indicators using mathematical functions, such as subtract, add and get the highest high over a range of intervals etc
    • Set up a variety of chart profiles
    • Indicator and trendline colours can be customised
    • Reorder and overlay indicators via a drag and drop interface
    • Share chart settings and custom indicators with friends
    • Keyboard short cuts for faster navigation such as changing the interval or chart settings profile

    • Alerts available on all indicators
    • Alert conditions can be checked on a tick-by-tick basis, as well as at close of candle
    • Alerts available on any line crossing any other line (eg Stochastic crosses RSI) as well as on trendlines drawn on any secondary indicators
    • Create alerts on custom timeframes (eg 4 mins)
    • Reorder the sequence of triggers in a multi-condition alert using drag and drop
    • Enhanced grouping for multi-condition alerts, select for trigger events to occur in any sequence, loose sequence or strict sequence
    • Flexibility on auto-reactivation timescale (eg 6 mins)
    • Create 'Pairs' alerts, eg if RSI of market A is above 70 and RSI of market B is below 30 send alert
    • Backtest includes a quick summary of performance and a tear-away chart for detailed analysis of the strategy
    • Graphical representation of backest results, such as the highest highs and lowest lows whilst the trade was open - helping you to visualise optimum stop and limit values
    • Backtest alerts or trade events are displayed on interactive charts - helping you to refine entry and exit trading strategies
    • Win/Loss and Risk/Reward analysis
    • Share backtest strategies with friends

    We welcome your suggestions for any new features that you would like to see in future releases of timetotrade Charts.
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