Backtest a Triple Moving Average Crossover Strategy

Discussion in 'Trading Strategies' started by Customer Questions, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. Customer Questions

    Customer Questions John @ timetotrade

    Is it possible to backtest a triple moving average crossover strategy for spread betting?

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  2. Customer Care

    Customer Care John @ timetotrade

    It is possible to backtest triple moving average trading strategies using timetotrade. It is unusual for all three moving averages to cross at the exact same time therefore strategies of this nature are typically based on how close the three moving averages are to each.

    For help on creating alerts based on triple Exponential Moving Averages see the following link:

    Import the custom indicator discussed on the above thread or create your own variation based on alternative moving averages, then set up alerts when the distance between the three moving averages falls below a selected threshold:


    To identify bullish or bearish triple moving average trend changes add a second alert trigger, whereby the Close price has to be above or below for example the 10 period Moving Average. In the following example the requirement is for a bullish crossover, where the Close price must be above the 10 period Moving Average. Click on the one of the crossover triggers selecting the 'Close Price' and 'EMA 10', then click on the 'Add Trigger' button. When the trigger appears in the Alert Builder, click on it and change the trigger comparison to 'Above':


    In this example the requirement is for both triggers to be true at the same time, however you may wish to increase the time allowed between both triggers being true to identify less bullish or bearish entry points:


    To learn more about Grouping and Sequencing triggers:

    Enter a message to remind yourself why the alert was created, set your notification methods and the reactivate timeframe if the requirement is for repeated alerts.

    Once the alert is Activated or Paused it can then be back tested to check that it has been set up correctly:


    The alert can also be used to execute a simulated or real trade. In the following example a spread bet trade to buy at £10 / point with a take profit at 10 points and a stop loss at 5 points:


    Go to the 'Backtest' tab to backtest the trading strategy:


    To learn more about backtesting:

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