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    Join us at the London FOREX Show, on Friday 20th February 2015 – the only dedicated event for forex traders.

    A fast-paced and exciting event and exhibition, dedicated to supporting active traders and helping you maximise profit and improve your trading returns.

    Click here to book your FREE tickets today >>
    NB: Use voucher code: timetotrade when booking for your free entry ticket and FX Workshops.

    FX Workshops, live trading demos, free seminars, panel sessions, an interactive exhibition and some of the best speakers from around the world, spending a day at the London FOREX Show could really help put your trading on track and make 2015 your best trading year:

    • Learn new trading strategies and techniques, and other valuable skills
    • Find out how to minimise downside risk to maximise your potential profit, trade by trade
    • Develop your own, unique, 5-step trading plan
    • Learn how to assert yourself over your trading – only trade when YOU want to
    • Meet, speak, learn, and connect with like-minded fx traders, the speakers and exhibitors – share your views on trading and find out how other traders increase their profits, trade by trade.

    The London FOREX Show includes:
    • Alpesh Patel chairs the FX Lunchtime Summit when the panel discuss the latest trends in forex trading and what traders can expect in the year ahead.
    • Tom Hougaard will show you how to create a 5-step Trading Plan
    • Alistair Crooks and Charlie Burton go head-to-head for 90 minutes of live trading! Who will win? Book your seat early.
    • Hypnotrading – find out how to train your brain
    • Traders Magazine - trading tips and education on Stand No A6
    • Sandy Jadeja gives an hour on the latest trading strategies
    • Rakesh Shah, Richard Perry and Lex van Dam
    • Lex van Dam discusses how to manage your risk

    A day packed with useful tips, valuable insight from other top traders and a chance to meet and speak with some of the leading companies providing the products and services to support your trading – join us for the day and leave the event better informed, better connected, better equipped and ready to tackle your trading year.

    Click here for more information and to register to attend >>
    Remember: use voucher code timetotrade to claim free tickets and Workshops.

    We look forward to seeing you!
    the timetotrade team

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