London Investor Show: 23rd October 2015 - Free tickets for timetotrade members

Discussion in 'Upcoming Events' started by Timetotrade, Oct 19, 2015.

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    Summer in the UK is over, which means it is the Investor Show season. The next event is the London Investor Show on Friday the 23rd of October.

    Timetotrade will be speaking and exhibiting at the event (stand D25), so please join us as it is always lovely to meet up and hear what you have to say.

    Dary McGovern will be presenting 10 trading strategies and talking through how to avoid common pitfalls; whilst Simon Denham will be taking part in the panel discussion, "UK INVESTMENT OUTLOOK 2016: The end of recovery, the start of growth; what does it mean for investors?"

    There is a good line up of speakers at the show, discussing various skills and techniques to help build your trading and investing knowledge.

    To claim your Free Entry you need to book online in advance using voucher code: timetotrade (otherwise it's £25 on the door!).
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