London Forex Show - 19th February - FREE tickets for timetotrade members

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    We have free tickets to give away for the upcoming London FOREX Show next week - Friday 19th February 2015.

    Just use voucher code: timetotrade to claim your FREE entry ticket and FX workshop of your choice - saving you £50!

    Join the timetotrade team at this exciting one-day exhibition and event, guaranteed to get your trading off to a great start for the year. With access to independent training via five independent fx workshops, a range of free seminars, the live Lunchtime Summit and an exhibition of product and fx service providers, the London FOREX Show is a "must-attend" event for all active FX traders in the UK.
    • Learn new trading skills - beat the markets and keep up to date with the very latest ideas and strategies
    • Learn to trade without emotion
    • Meet and speak to other traders, exhibitors and speakers
    • Find out what professional traders are doing and how you can start

    Click here for more information and to register today >>
    (Remember, use voucher code timetotrade to claim your complimentary ticket and free FX workshop)

    We look forward to seeing you at the Show!
    the timetotrade team

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